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Sales Incentive

How Automating Sales Compensation Makes Your Organization Healthier

Considering the modern market fluctuations, most companies are very keen on optimizing their sales compensation strategies to keep the business productivity and profits up to the required standards. One major challenge is to align the compensation strategy with the revenue growth strategy. Businesses have to find the right balance between the OTE, sales targets, and profitability to

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incentive compensation management

Top 5 Incentive Compensation Management Challenges and Solutions

Whether you’re a sales manager or a compensation administrator, the process where you track your sales team’s performance and pay periodic incentives can be pretty frustrating. The many challenges you may come across in incentive compensation management can lead to reduced productivity and morale.   A sound and effective sales compensation management system is an absolute must

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MBO - 1

The best time to use MBO & benefits of MBO

How can you evaluate the performance of your sales teams if you don’t have a good way to track their sales progress? It’s not possible. This is where Management by Objectives (MBO) can help your organization by allowing you to track your employees’ contributions to the company through measurable activities that may have a direct

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Why do spreadsheets for calculating incentives miss the mark

You must have heard this many times before, but it’s worth mentioning it again. Excel Spreadsheets were never designed to calculate incentives; they were designed to automate simple mathematical calculations. Here’s why spreadsheets for calculating incentives miss the mark. Excel has ruled the spreadsheet market since the 1990s and remains a powerful tool for data

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