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Reporting & Communication Manager (Repeye)

Reporting & Communication Manager(Repeye)

An integrated iPad/mobile compatible web reporting platform for field use with configurable incentive scorecard design, embedded “what-if” calculator, internationalization capability, integrated with Microsoft ecosystem, incentive plan acknowledgment, dispute management & quota refinement workflows. Also, it comes armed with the added capability to distribute excel/pdf reports with organizations’ internal communication boards.

Key Features

PowerBI, HTML, PDF, Excel based dynamic reports

Develop, generate and distribute reports using the formats of your choice. All the reports are available to download in the PDF format for offline use as well

Integration with Microsoft ecosystem (Sharepoint, Teams, PowerBI)

Leverage the power of existing Microsoft subscription within your organization and distribute reports through SharePoint, Teams based on fine-grained access control

Integrated dispute and process management workflows

Configure business workflows with multi-level business required approvals for data collection, information exchange, adjustments, and query management (sales crediting, payout adjustments, quota refinement, etc.)

Tracking of plan acknowledgment and associated access

Embedded workflow to distribute sales incentive plan documents with additional capability to take digital signatures and block access in case of non-compliance if required

Language localization

Generate and distribute reports/dashboards in language of choice for each country affiliate. Even the platform UI can be configured in local language

Built-in field engagement tracking

Track engagement of different user groups with the platform and their assigned reports/dashboards using timing, frequency of access


Configurable dashboard/report framework

Easy-to-use dashboard development framework to create visual, actionable, and interactive data dashboards for different roles

Configurable workflow definition

Data-driven workflows to define complex information flow based on configurable constraints and approval steps

Embedded multi-channel engagement framework

Send personalized notifications with an embedded omnichannel engagement framework including a combination of the platform, WhatsApp, Slack, and Microsoft Ecosystem

Detailed user activity reports

User behavior analysis to evaluate the quality of engagement of a variety of stakeholders based on several metrics

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Automate your incentives in 6 weeks.

Automate your incentives in 6 weeks.